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Expanding Soccer Fields in Richmond: A Positive Step Towards a Safer and Healthier Community

CM Robinson's Staff

May 27, 2023

As the liaison for the City Council on the Park and Recreation Commission, Councilmember Doria Robinson has passionately advocated for creating more soccer fields in Richmond. She believes in the positive impact soccer fields have had on her neighborhood and emphasizes the need to extend these benefits to other neighborhoods within the city.

Currently, Richmond only has one regulation-sized soccer field located at MLK Park. However, the community's love for soccer is widespread, necessitating the development of additional fields to accommodate the demand. Robinson recognizes that expanding soccer facilities is not only about providing recreational opportunities but also about fostering a safer and healthier environment for families.

Living just two blocks from MLK Park, Robinson has witnessed firsthand the transformative influence the existing soccer field has had on her neighborhood. With increased activity on the field, incidents of car break-ins have diminished and more people are actively engaging with the park. Beyond playing soccer, individuals utilize the surrounding workout equipment, walk their dogs, and enjoy the track, as well as use the recently renovated basketball courts and softball field more contributing to a vibrant, healthy and positive atmosphere.

To tackle this issue, Robinson is collaborating with members of the Parks and Recreation Commission, notably Samantha Torres, Richmond United coach, a local soccer league. In addition, they are working alongside a city contractor tasked with updating the parks assessment to identify suitable locations within existing city parks for both full-sized and smaller soccer fields. The objective is to secure grant resources to construct at least four new soccer fields, including two regulation-sized ones, within the next four years.

The first step involves assessing various parks based on specific criteria such as available space, adherence to code requirements, and neighborhood suitability. This assessment will also make sure that a diversity of infrastructure and uses will be available in Richmond Parks including improving and expanding basketball, football and other activity spaces used by the community as well as informal community gathering spaces. 

Following this assessment, a series of focus groups will be held including a special focus group comprised of soccer enthusiasts will provide valuable feedback on the priority list of locations, ensuring community input aligns with the proposed opportunities.

Once the priority locations are determined, Robinson plans to present a proposal to the City Council, seeking staff support in acquiring grants for the design and construction of these soccer fields. The aim is to secure funding from philanthropic organizations or state and federal grants.

By expanding soccer facilities in Richmond, the city will take a significant stride towards creating a safer, healthier, and happier environment for families. With the community's support, Robinson and her team are determined to realize this vision, fostering a sense of unity, recreation, and positivity for all residents.

If you would like to help improve our parks by adding new soccer fields and improving other activity areas please contact 

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