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Martin Luther King Jr Center Development UPDATE

CM Robinson

May 31, 2023

In order to keep building momentum to secure funding to push forward on the design and rebuilding of the Martin Luther KIng Jr Community Center formerly adjacent to Nystrom elementary the Nystrom United Re-Vitalization Effort (NURVE) Ad Hoc Committee met to review where the project was left off, get an update on the Nystrom Village Project and explore how the two projects could be pitched together to help secure funding for both.

We discussed how the former design completed over 5 years ago may need updating as the needs and interests of the community have changed. The new design may need to address emergency preparedness especially as we face a deepening climate crisis and the possibility of more pandemics.

The goal at this point in the process is to secure enough funding to start a new community design process so that there is an updated and viable schematic design that can be used for fundraising. The Richmond Community Foundation stepped forward to lead this process with support from the Santa Fe and Coronoado Neighborhood Councils.

CM Robinson is committee to also supporting this new community engage,ent process, making sure it moves forward in 2023 - 2024.


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