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Reviving MLK Community Center project

CM Robinson's Staff

May 30, 2023

Richmond City Councilmember Doria Robinson has set her sights on revitalizing the Martin Luther King Community Center, a project that has been in the works for quite some time. During the recent council meeting, Robinson discovered over $200,000 earmarked for the center's development. This allocation of funds was part of an insurance settlement.

Although $200,000 is far from enough to design a new community center with this exciting revelation, Robinson is eager to take action. She plans to collaborate with the NURVE Committee to bring attention to the MLK Center development and secure additional funding opportunities. One such opportunity is the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), which presents a promising avenue for further financial support.

The primary objective at this stage is to reconvene the NURVE Committee and work together to advocate for the MLK Center's revival. By doing so, they hope to secure funding to move the project through a community design process and squarely into pre-construction. This initial step will pave the way for creating a schematic design that can then be used to pursue larger sources of funding to build the project. 

The community has long awaited the return of the MLK Center since its unfortunate demolition. With earmarked funds available and a dedicated council member supporting the charge, there is renewed hope for realizing this vision. As a result, Richmond residents can look forward to a future where the MLK Community Center once again becomes a vibrant hub for the community.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting endeavor as Councilmember Doria Robinson and the Nerve Committee work tirelessly to bring their plans to fruition.

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