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Agenda Items of Concern - July 11, 2023

Updated: Jul 9, 2023


I will be attending this week's meeting via zoom due to work related travel that I could not reschedule. We have properly noticed the meeting location where I will be hosting the zoom meeting.


  1. TBA



O.1 City Council

O.1.a Underpass or Overpass at Parchester Village and Point Richmond at Canal Blvd. This item has attachments.

DIRECT staff to analyze the feasibility, cost, and timeline of building the two under or overpasses near Parchester Village and Point Richmond at Canal Blvd and return to the City Council with a report - Councilmember Cesar Zepeda (510-620-6593).


  • This sounds like a much needed project that I definitely support and we just went through the priorities process and I wish this was included in our priorities process so we can not continue to expand the projects we are asking staff to take on but focus on the projects we have before starting new ones not yet agreed upon. I am worried that we, as Council Members, are already violating our agreement.

  • CM Robinson reached out to CM Zepeda for feedback, awaiting reply

O.2 Community Development

O.2.e. Contract Amendment No. 1 with RCF Connects for Housing First and Emergency Housing Assistance Programs

This item has attachments.

APPROVE a contract amendment No. 1 with RCF Connects to add $625,084.80 in additional funding for the Richmond Housing First and Emergency Housing Assistance Programs, for a new total contract amount not to exceed $1,150,084.80, for a term extending through June 30, 2025 – Community Development Department (Lina Velasco/Jesus Morales 510-620-6706).


  • I’d like to understand the source of funds - not because I do not support this allocation, I do, but because I believe the funds are coming from the general fund 2023 - 2024 allocation to address housing issues and I do wonder if there were other initiatives that were to receive those funds. I also wonder how the new encampment grant could be used to address these needs.

  • Reached out to staff for clarification

O.5 Human Resources

O.5.a Emergency Services Data Analysis Report by Matrix Consultants

This item has attachments.

RECEIVE a report from Matrix Consulting Group regarding their

emergency services data analysis – City Manager’s Office/Human

Resources Department (Shasa Curl/Nickie Mastay/Sharrone Taylor



  • With current vacancies not filled we should first fill those one positions before proposing this dramatic increase in police and fire positions

  • We already are in the process of developing a non-sworn community response team to address non-emergency calls and should not need new police positions to address these non-emergency calls

  • I don’t understand why the community engagement officer would double as a crime scene investigator?

O.10 Public Works

O.10.e List of Projects for Fiscal Year 2023-24 Road Maintenance and

Rehabilitation Account Funding Under Senate Bill 1

ADOPT a resolution approving the project list for Senate Bill 1 Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account funding for Fiscal Year 2023-24 –

Public Works Department (Daniel Chavarria 510-620-5478/ Robert Armijo



  • How does this list compare to the list of 18 traffic safety projects? Are these 2 projects included on that traffic safety list, or are these two new projects or different bodies of work?

  • Wrote staff for more information


R.2 Soccer Fields in Richmond

DISCUSS AND PROVIDE direction to staff regarding additional soccer fields and the maintenance of current fields - Councilmembers Claudia Jimenez (510-620-6565) and Soheila Bana (510-620-6743).


  • I support the development of new soccer fields in Richmond Parks but how we do that is important so that racism, discrimination and disenfranchisement of minority populations do not become an unspoken part of this initiative

  • To do this right, we should state clearly that the soccer fields will be considered in relation to other park facilities and uses as there many different park users and uses.

  • We should site new facilities so that other users are not unjustly displaced or devalued.

  • I also believe this work should build on and learn from the current parks assessment being performed for the City by a contractor who is already looking at where new soccer fields can be placed without displacing existing facilities and uses.

  • So, yes! we should build this new infrastructure but with a good process that brings people together, not pits them against each other

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