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Agenda Items of Concern - May 23, 2023

  • P.1.a Cancellation of the July 18 and 25, 2023, Regular City Council meetings

    • Why? We always have so much to review and we are taking August off?

  • P.2.a Homeless Strategic Plan

    • FUNDING FOR STAFF POSITION: I am worried that the position recommended in the plan is not currently in the draft budget.

      • I see that in the staff report says that staff will come back to council in May/June 2023, with a funding request - would it be good to see if council would direct staff to allocate these funds for this position now in the 5/23 meeting to insure resources are available for the position in the 23-24 budget year?

    • MEASURABLE GOAL(S) TO ADDRESS EQUITY: I continue to be concerned that there are no measurable goals set regarding equity. My fear is that without a measurable goal / clearly identified north star - services will continue to be provided to those easiest to reach which often does not correspond to those who are most or disproportionately impacted. Much like the aim of Justice 40 federal initiative - I wonder if we can get better results addressing equity by setting explicit service goals such as a goal that results in 57% of the unhoused who benefit from unhoused programs / services provided by the City of Richmond and its partners identify as African American (or a larger percentage for BiPOC)? Without a measurable goal regarding equity I believe we may continue to have those most impacted slip through the cracks in our efforts to address this issue. Is there a way to adjust the report or add a goal or to goals to include a measurable goal to address equity?

  • P.3.a Workforce Analysis contract

    • Concern #1: My primary concern is regarding this items emphasis on reducing the city workforce, instead of right sizing it to meet current and future service needs as well as adjusting assigned classifications where more, less or different experience is needed in departments.

      • Question #1: Of course we want to satisfy the audit, and I am deeply concerned that primarily focusing on downsizing the city workforce could cripple city services by making inadequate staffing, either in number or qualifications, the new norm. Is there a way to address this by adjusting the language in the Scope of Work?

    • Concern #2: I am also concerned that at no point in the process will the consultants meet with and discuss goals and priorities with the City Council before they are form their recommendations. I believe that not including Council members will lead to continued divergence when it comes to deploying / allocating resources, most importantly is staffing. I think it's critical that the consultants are completely informed about the initiatives that the CIty Council will be seeking to advance in the future so that recommended staffing levels take this into consideration.

      • Question #2: Can we add to Activity 1 or 2 of the consultants work plan (pages 195 -196) a meeting to hear from Council regarding goals and initiatives?

  • Q1 Fiscal Year Q3 Budget Report and ARPA Plan Update

    • $15M Library (2022 - 2023 Surplus)

    • $1M - 13th street (ARPA)

      • Why now? Can we wait for ARPA allocation process - slowly allocating the majority of ARPA funds one or two items at a time without a comprehensive process seems like not the best process for allocating this important source of one time funds

  • Q2 Draft 5 Year Capital Improvement Plan

    • Incomplete: does not include important unfunded projects such as full current $30M Library budget, new police station, MLK center, Tree Replacement Plan (Richmore Village) etc…

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