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Agenda Items of Concern - May 31, 2023

Generally concerned that the very long list of objectives provided in the Agenda documents has not truly been consolidated and needs more consolidation before we can deeply engage in the the prioritizing process. I have reorganized the list here I have shared this reorganized list with the facilitator and City Manager.

I'll bring forward this reorganized list in tomorrow's meeting and advocate for the following STEPS to move us forward:

  1. Determine what time frame we will be working in.

    1. What is possible to achieve in one year, or one budget cycle is very different from what can be achieved in 4 years, or 4 budget cycles.

  2. After the time frame is set, narrow down the list by giving each council member 6-10 votes (dots) for each of the 6 Priority Goals: 1) Housing, 2) Economic Development, 3) Quality of Life, 4) Public Safety, 5) City Infrastructure, 6) Shoreline and Ecological Sustainability

  3. After reducing the list with the vote (above) make each remaining objective a "SMART" goal SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound

  4. When all remaining items are SMART goals, narrow the list again by giving each council member 3-5 votes for each of the 6 priority areas - this final list will be the priority items list

  5. Keep all items in the complete list but make sure we are accountable to the top priorities

  6. Going forward the council can revisit the list again next year / prioritization cycle and eliminate anything that’s completed and add new items and re-prioritize items for the next term and vote to create a new high priority list

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