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There are so many things that need to be done in our city.
In order to be effective, over my first term I will focus on a smaller set of priority projects in the following focus areas:

Housing for ALL


Nobody should have to lose sleep worrying that their landlord or bank may take their home, and no one should have to sleep in their car or on the streets. 


Doria is working to put forward policies that will help create more affordable housing, strengthen rent control, improve the rental program so it is efficient and fair, create more transitional and emergency housing with wrap-around services for unsheltered residents, more opportunities for low-income residents to become 1st time home buyers and support new transformative initiatives like using Community Land Trusts to stabilize housing costs by removing the housing from the speculative market and making some housing permanently affordable for low-income households.​

2023 Priority Housing for ALL Projects: 

  • Mira Flores

  • Nystrom Village

  • Metro Walk

  • 12th & MacDonald

  • Homekey Grant: Motel 6 Conversion

  • International Hotel Parcel

Economic Development, Living Wage, and Green Jobs

Economic Development

Richmond deserves jobs that pay enough to have a good life and be treated with respect. But good paying jobs and city services like clean streets and nice parks depend on economic development that doesn’t just benefit a few big corporations. Richmond’s future depends on our local small businesses, union jobs, and the green economy. 


Doria will support policies and initiatives to grow and diversify our local economy to ensure our general fund is not dependent on polluting industries, support the growth of local, small, and family businesses, and create more job opportunities for residents and youth.​

2023 Priority Economic Development, Living Wage and Green Jobs Projects: 

  • Allocate funds from ARPA to support Richmond small businesses

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Healthy Neighborhoods: Safe Parks, Active Living, and Healthy Food Access

Our neighborhoods deserve grocery stores, community centers, and other resources that meet our needs without pushing us out. 

Councilmember Robinson is working to make sure all residents have access to healthy food, affordable health care, addiction, and mental health services and our neighborhoods are free from illegal dumping, and it is safe for our kids to walk to school and our families and elders to walk to the park.

Healthy Neighborhoods Priority Projects: 

  • Develop new Soccer fields for Richmond parks

  • Design and secure funds for a new Martin Luther King Jr Community Center 

  • Developing a new weekend Farmers' Market at the Richmond Marina

  • Help design and build a cutting edge new Richmond Public Library

Climate Resiliency

Our children deserve a world where they can breathe fresh air and don’t have to stay home from school because of wildfires and other effects of the climate crisis. Richmond needs to plan and prepare now for an economy free of fossil fuels. 

Council Member Robinson recognizes the incredible threat of climate change and will work with City staff, community organizations and local residents to protect our residents by planning for crises before catastrophes happen, and take steps now to transition away from fossil fuel so we can collectively reverse Climate Change.

Climate Resiliency Priority Projects: 

  • Short & long term wildfire prevention plans

  • Green zones ordinance to protect sensitive receptors from increased air pollution resulting from new distribution centers and warehouses

  • Transition the City of Richmond's fleet to zero emissions vehicles

Climate Resiliency
City Accountablity

City Accountability

After being seated on the Richmond City Council, Council Member Robinson came to understand that there is an urgent need to strengthen city administrative systems, clarify staff accountability, and fair and responsive staff compensation, eliminate vacancies, and rethink the staffing of some key departments, especially those responsible for revenue generation. 

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