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Advocating for Homekey Grant Program to Tackle Homelessness

CM Robinson's Staff

May 28, 2023

Richmond City Council Member, Doria Robinson, is making waves in her efforts to address homelessness in the city. Through her dedication and determination, she aims to advocate for diverse housing options that provide support and a path to permanent housing for those experiencing homelessness.

One of the key projects she is currently championing is the Homekey application to the Homekey Grant program. In addition, the city of Richmond is diligently working on an application to purchase the Motel 6 located on 24th Street in downtown Richmond. If successful, this motel will be transformed into transitional housing with supportive services for the chronically unhoused.

The envisioned transitional housing will consist of 48 studio units, each offering a place for individuals to rebuild their lives. On-site, 24-hour supportive services will be available, providing crucial assistance with Medi-Cal enrollment, food stamp applications, ID acquisition, mental health services, and job placement. This comprehensive support system aims to help individuals stabilize themselves and regain their independence.

Transitional housing serves as a crucial stepping stone toward permanent housing. Once individuals have reestablished themselves and are ready to move forward, they can transition into fully furnished apartments in developments like the proposed Eastern Village project. By creating a multi-step housing infrastructure, Richmond offers a holistic approach to addressing homelessness and helping individuals rebuild their lives.

While the Motel 6 project is the first of its kind in Richmond, Council Member Robinson envisions expanding this model to cater to specific populations with unique needs. For instance, there are plans to develop transitional housing for youth aging out of foster care, offering them a supportive environment as they transition into adulthood. Additionally, the city aims to address the needs of unhoused people of African descent, veterans, those Teeb trying from incarceration and immigrants who may require tailored services due to cultural and language barriers and limited eligibility for existing programs.

Robinson acknowledges that these projects are only the beginning. Richmond faces complex challenges regarding homelessness and is determined to tackle them head-on. By implementing a range of initiatives, she hopes to provide a comprehensive solution that encompasses the community's diverse needs.

Through her efforts, Council Member Doria Robinson is pushing for progress in Richmond. By harnessing the Homekey Grant program and its support, the city has a unique opportunity to transform the Motel 6 property into a beacon of hope for those experiencing homelessness. This project sets the stage for further developments to address the intricate issues surrounding homelessness and provide individuals with the stability they need to rebuild their lives.

As Council Member Robinson continues to advocate for change, the residents of Richmond can look forward to a future where homelessness is no longer a burden but a challenge overcome. With determination and community support, the vision of a diverse and inclusive housing infrastructure becomes an attainable reality.

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